To put into practice JENS JENSEN'S VISION of a green and just city and with your support we can inspire that vision into reality. 




A) Airings on PBS nationwide reaching an estimated      80% of the nation

B) Screenings across the nation

C) Leverage extensive social media stakeholder organization partnerships to deliver audiences 

D) VIP Experiences


  • PBS audience ranks #5 in top 20 networks

  • Can deliver an estimated 8,000 impressions* of  your message

  • Brand promotion in an uncluttered environment

  • Reach between 70 - 90% of U.S. Households*

    • *Projections based on similar programs distributed on Public Television 

  • Primary audience: 35 - 54+, affluent & influential

  •  ​64 percent of viewers believe that sponsors on PBS are more trustworthy than those seen on other networks

The 2016 Jensen EXPERIENCE connects to a wide audience by creating conversation about: 

  • Promoting health and suppression of violence through access to nature

  • Preservation of our livable parks spaces, historic parks and national treasures such as The Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

  • Social good and eco-justice - putting nature where it's needed to eradicate park deserts

  • Inspiring urban conservation leaders 

  • Jensen inspired gardens such as Jardincito that have the capacity to reduce neighborhood violence

  • Making city life sustainable

  • Using Native Plants for environmental and inspirational reasons

What does it take to make the modern city livable?
A leader like Jens Jensen who stands for a green, healthy and just environment for all.  Jensen pioneered the movement to bring nature into the city and to protect bio-diverse land before it was too late.
Jens Jensen is an inspirational icon for today's fast expanding cities who can reduce violence with teens working to add nature to their neighborhoods, and attract business to a city that stands by its motto: Urbs in Horto or city in a garden.  
We have a proven track record for delivering large audiences leveraging our social media relationships. For ex: we screened the film in Chicago's Millennium Park to thousands of viewers and on WTTW (PBS) to 100,000.
Tell us about your marketing goals - we can tailor the campaign to your goals. 
Make a donation of any size - it all helps!
Make your tax deductible donation via checks made out to our 501c3 fiscal sponsor "Chicago Filmmakers." 
Send checks to:
Viva Lundin Productions
314 W. Institute Place #2E, Chicago, IL 60610
Please write "Jensen Film" on memo line



Chicago's Millennium Park saw thousands attend the screening. 


Moms, Gardeners, Seniors, Landscape Architects, Architects, Thought Leaders, City Planners, Educators, Socially Engaged



Jens Jensen The Living Green attracts a diversified, and engaged audience, made up of a well-educated, socially-conscious demographic that shares a common passion for environmental stewardship, preserving our parks, sustainability, eco-justice, conservation leadership, gardening, and education. Viewers come from the general public, the media industry, entertainment industry, environmentally related professions, educators, activists and governmental leadership.  






Our partners will benefit from added exposure, new connections, participation, publicity, social media marketing and branding. Promotional partners and sponsors will employ their social media channels to attract and engage interested audiences to our screenings and their social action events



  • Cities may include:  New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, Portland, Seattle, Houston, Atlanta, Washington, DC, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, Racine

  • Detroit, Nashville, New Orleans, Appleton, NW Indiana, Indianapolis, Aspen, Bozeman, Palm Springs, Phoenix, San Francisco, Oakland

  • Add cities where your company has a footprint





We have held screenings in NY, New Jersey, LA, Chicago, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana. All of these screenings were well attended because we work with the screening organization, news media and mission-similar organizations to get out the word. 



Millennium Park:  attracted thousands, 100,000 watched to WTTW; 

hundreds attend screenings at the New York Botanical GardenMaine Bar Harbor Film Fest, Lake Theater in Oak Park


PARTNERS INCLUDE: American Public Television, PBS, The Wild Ones, The Student Conservation Association, Viva Lundin Productions, The Video Project, Eco-Dox, The Danish Consulate, regional Sierra Clubs, American Public Garden Association, American Society of Landscape Architects, The Wild Ones




The Jens Jensen The Living Green Experience 




TWO :15 SPOTS or TWO :30 SPOTS or Text Card Announcement


- Station Relations protracted campaign to deliver airings on 70 - 80% (roughly 230) public television stations on or during Earth Day - April, 2016 and running through 2017


- Estimate 8,000 plays of your message



-Engage your employees and customers with screenings that inspire


- Includes an integrated Marketing / PR / Social Media campaign


- NAME RECOGNITION in film credits, social media, public relations materials, and programs for all national screenings 


- VIP tickets to world premiere with name in programs and at reception 


- Tours of Jensen landscapes with Director, Carey Lundin      


Jens Jensen The Living Green 


The Explorers Museum, Medal of Honor

Hugo Awards, Chicago International Film Fest

Audience Award: Green Bay Film Festival: Best Director, Carey Lundin

Wild Rose Independent Film Festival: Best Feature Documentary, Best Feature Documentary Director. Best Documentary Editing, Best Documentary Music

Accolade Award of Excellence


Official Selection: Studio City International Film Festival, Architecture and Design Film Festival, International Documentary Film Association, One Earth Film Festival, Wild and Scenic Film Festival, Ft. Myers International Film Festival, Maine Film Festival by the Sea

Our Promotional /Educational Partners

ASLA, Eco Justice PPN

International & Broadcast Sales

Jim Branchflower

Eco DoX

(310) 817-2631, ext. 1


Distribution, American Public TV



Contact us:


Press contact:




 Jens Jensen The Living Green and all accompanying materials are  © 2013, 2014,2015 Viva Lundin Productions All rights reserved.

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