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It is with tremendous sorrow that we say goodbye to Mark, who passed on July 4th. Read about Mark's life in the Chicago Tribune piece by Rick Kogan.

Mark Frazel wrote books, articles, television and feature film scripts, including “Jens Jensen The Living Green,” a documentary about the life of Prairie School landscape designer Jens Jensen. Frazel co-produced “Dispatches from Nicaragua,” a documentary by Terry Schwartz about the filming of Alex Cox’s Walker (1987, Criterion Collection re-release 2008). For Epiphany Pictures, he wrote the "Lost Bombs" episode for the cable series "Phenomenon:  The Lost Archives," starring Dean Stockwell.  He collaborated on the feature film script "Sweet Home Chicago," based on the short story “Blight” by Stuart Dybek.  For Viva Lundin Productions, he has written: political TV and radio spots, live newsmagazine format presentations, career achievement award videos, meeting summary/wrap-up videos, interactive sales presentations for new product roll-outs, speaker support, and humorous meeting openers. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, his 1985 book Hands On Chicago, an encyclopedia of Chicago history co-written with Kenan Heise, was named Best Nonfiction Book of the Year in 1986 by the Illinois State Historical Society.



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