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"The video is really important. It ought to reach a wider audience… A lot of things he did were forerunners of our environmentalism today." 

2017 Juror, American Society of Landscape Architects, National Award for Communications

"The Mount Rushmore of Prairie School giants is now complete. To Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Sullivan add Jens Jensen.  This beautiful documentary will inspire generations to come."

Eric Utne, Founder, Utne Reader


Our attendees loved, loved, loved your talk and film! Best session of the meeting!

Joanne DeLorenzo Annual Meeting Co-chair, New Jersey ASLA


"powerful...poignant" Humans and Nature


“One of the most inspiring documentaries I have ever seen.”

-Melanie Choukas-Bradley, author, City of Trees; A Year in Rock Creek Park


"Carey Lundin’s extraordinary documentary  ignites action, educates and seeds change. This is the mission of Earth Day  -- we couldn't be more excited to share the message of Jens Jensen, and help build the next generation of environmental activists"

   -- Kathryn Stoddard, Earth Day Network


"Jensen's...inovative designs preceded today’s green movement and whose work deserves broader recognition."—  Booklist


"As SCA’s urban conservation programs grow in size and impact nationwide, our teenaged 

volunteers have found both inspiration and a kindred spirit through this brilliant film.  Jens 

Jensen The Living Green speaks directly to their aspirations of building a more sustainable 

world by starting at home, and partnering with Carey Lundin has helped SCA forge new 

alliances and greater recognition as we build the next generation of conservation leaders."

--Kevin Hamilton, Vice President for Communications, The Student Conservation Association


“The Living Green” is a powerful story beautifully told. The film’s visuals and pacing move the viewer viscerally from the human constriction of early industrial Chicago to the healing promise of the prairie. Jens Jensen and his contemporaries have much to teach modern audiences who care about the human condition and the health of our planet. This timely film will share the significant legacy of Jensen’s early environmental and social activism with a wider public. If you doubt the influence that one person’s vision can have on a great city, this film will change your mind. If you care about urbanization, green spaces, or community activism, you have to see “The Living Green." -

Laura Jane Mitchell, Assoc Professor, History School of Humanitiees, University of California, Irvine


"This lyrical and engaging film introduces us to a remarkable pioneer in the conservation of green spaces and his quest to humanize modern cities. Moreover, its global perspective provides a critical world historical narrative for the 21st century classroom. The story of landscape architect Jens Jensen is as remarkably global as it is locally inspiring.  Jensen was a memorable environmental justice advocate and his newly told narrative will find wide appeal for high school and college audiences, as well as the general public."

--Dr. Candice Goucher, Professor of History, Center for Social and Environmental Justice, Washington State University Vancouver


"There is no justice in history. If there were, the name Jens Jensen would be as familiar as Aldo Leopold, Michael Jordan and Oprah Winfrey, icons who put their stamp on the Midwest - Rick Kogan, Chicago Tribune


A beautifully made film about a man and his ideas about public space and its needs. His  ideas perfectly fit in the context of time we live in. A man that dedicated his working life to teach people the importance of nature and the city. The spirit of Jens Jensen is strongly present in our times. You can find that in the way we discuss green space in the city today."

Piet Oudolf, Landscape Designer of NY’s Highline and Chicago’s Millennium Park


"Jens Jensen The Living Green beautifully introduces the foremost prairie style landscape 

 designer while creating a tribute to the man and his legacy! A comment last night from one 

of my former students at the Chicago Botanic Garden: Awesome, just finishing this, so 

inspiring!" -- Barbara Geiger Stories Rooted in the Land. Adjunct Professor, IIT and School of the Art Institute of Chicago


"thoughtful, compelling, inspiring"...Chicago Tribune


"Three cheers -- you produced a magnificent film and tribute to a magnificent person and vision." 

J. Ron Engel, Sacred Sands: The Struggle for Community in the Indiana Dunes


"we need a new Jens Jensen" Pastor Frank Anderson


"riveting" Bob Hercules, The Last Frontier



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