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Support the new film - "Jardincito" what will it grow in Chicago's Little Village?


DISTRIBUTION: Clips from Jardincito will play with Jens Jensen The Living Green at all screenings across the US next Earth Day,will be on our website and those of our partners, will be offered to public television stations as additional content, and also be available for schools on our educational distributor site: The Video Project

The plan is for the completed film will be offered to PBS as a stand-alone documentary for Fall 2017


Let's create young conservation ambassadors/creators of change.

Find out all about it, click here.

Wood print will include photos and imagery from Jardincito and Jens Jensen The Living Green and include a thank you to the donor. 


PRAIRIE SMOKE                                                                        $500

A, B (2 guests), C-D


LARKSPUR                                                                               $1,000

A, B (4 guests),  C-D (2 PAIRS),  E, F


FRIENDLY TREES                                                                      $5,000

 A, B ( 6 guests), C (2 COPIES), D (2 PAIRS), E, F, G, H


PRAIRIE POWERFUL                                                               $10,000

A, B (8 GUESTS), C (3 COPIES). D (4 PAIRS), E, F, G, J


FRIENDS OF OUR NATIVE PRAIRIE                                         $20,000

A, B (10 GUESTS), C (5 COPIES), D (5 PAIRS), E, F (2 POSTERS, G, H, I, J, K


SPECIAL FRIENDS OF JENS / PRODUCER                                $30,000      

 A, B (20 GUESTS), C(10 COPIES), D(7 PAIRS), E, F(4 POSTERS), G, H (2PRINTS), I, J, L

What does your funding support?


Production:            13 days

editing:                  20 days

production/E&O Insurance             



fiscal sponsorship

food, gas, additional equipment


In-kind donations by Viva Lundin, David Schalliol, and assistant student crew from DePaul and Columbia College  



GRANT REQUESTS out to past funders of the Jensen film, philanthropic organizations and friends of the Jensen film including: The Graham Foundation, The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation, The Logan Foundation, The 2015 Public Media Content Fund. We plan to approach for major gifts, from individuals involved in Latino arts and culture, and Landscape Architects Foundation.


$141,160 full amount

$ 27,600  in-kind

$113,560 to raise


A)  Name listed on website thank you’s


B)  VIP access and additional passes to public screenings


C) DVD of Jens Jensen The Living Green and Jardincito


D) Grassy Flip Flops! Please state sizes.


E) Name/Company listed in film credits


F) Signed Film Poster​​


G)  DVD of Jens Jensen The Living Green and Jardincito, with limited public performance rights for university and library use


H) Jensen/Jardincito prints on wood


i)  Name/Company will be listed in film credits as a single card at beginning and end of film with narrator announcing name


J) Company name and logo on Press and marketing materials, digital sites and on event signage for Jardincito


K) Shared Thank you card with company name and two other companies or individuals announced by narrator at beginning and end of film    


L)  Executive Producer Credit




Jens Jensen The Living Green

is made possible by generous support from:


Illinois Humanities Council


Illinois Arts Council


Christy Weber Landscapes


The Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts


The Parkways Foundation




Roger and Sandra Deromedi


Jayson Home & Garden


Jo Ann Nathan


Prairie Nursery, Inc.


Wisconsin Public Television


Brian Hall Design Group


Bulletproof Film


Jack Catlin, LCM Architects


Center Development Corporation


Chicago Bauhaus and Beyond


Countryside Industries


John and Mary Ann Crayton


William and Denise Drucker


Harley Ellis, Center Development Corporation


Fletcher Chicago


Pat Fitzgerald


Joey Huston


Betty Irons


Claire Kettlekamp


Ryan Kettlekamp


Peter Kindel


LCM Architects


Media Process Group


Paul Leroux and M. Corwin


Midwest Landscapes


Novak Sponsorship Marketing


Northwest Indiana Genealogical Society


Optima, Inc.


Christa Orum-Keller, Midwest Groundcovers


Pizzo & Associates


Prairie Nursery, Inc.


RGC Design


Rios Clementi Hale Studios


H. P. Davis & Priscilla Rockwell


Franz Schulze


Earl and Brenda Shapiro


Patricia Spear


Jensen Wheeler Wolfe


Ernie Wong, Site Design Group, Ltd.


Studio Gang Architects


Sultan’s Market




Wendy Yaeger


Woody Wheeler and Lori Cohen


Wheeler Kearns Architects


Wisconsin Public Television


Wolff Landscape Architecture




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