Actual photo from Millennium Park screening, June 19th.

You're Invited to a very special VIP Friendraiser to help celebrate Jensen's achievements and find out how his story can inspire this generation.



Join TED WOLFF, JERRY ADELMAN of Openlands and ____to hear from CAREY LUNDIN, JENNIFER WOOLFORD and DAVID PERLMUTTER about the next, exciting big steps for the Living Green Movement! 



WHERE: The Cliffdwellers Club

                200 S. Michigan Ave., 22nd Floor

                                     Overlooking Millennium Park



WHEN:    November 14, 2014, 8am

RSVP: by Nov 11




Jens Jensen The Living Green 


The Explorers Museum, Medal of Honor

Hugo Awards, Chicago International Film Fest

Audience Award: Green Bay Film Festival: Best Director, Carey Lundin

Wild Rose Independent Film Festival: Best Feature Documentary, Best Feature Documentary Director. Best Documentary Editing, Best Documentary Music

Accolade Award of Excellence


Official Selection: Studio City International Film Festival, Architecture and Design Film Festival, International Documentary Film Association, One Earth Film Festival, Wild and Scenic Film Festival, Ft. Myers International Film Festival, Maine Film Festival by the Sea

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ASLA, Eco Justice PPN

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Jim Branchflower

Eco DoX

(310) 817-2631, ext. 1


Distribution, American Public TV



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